Eight states have already passed the
Health Care Compact

With your help, Ohio could become the ninth!

Did you know that more than 20% of all Ohio residents are covered by Medicaid, an already failing government health insurance program?

All 88 counties in Ohio passed the Health Care Freedom Amendment, proving Ohio residents wanted better control over their important health care decisions.

The next step is the Health Care Compact!

Interstate compacts have been around for centuries, and are designed to allow states to bind together on any issue that would affect those states. Once ratified by congress, it then supersedes federal law.

An interstate heath care compact that would allow participating states to design their own health care programs without Washington mandates. It will return health care decisions to the state level, so the citizens of Ohio can design a system that addresses their own unique needs.

Written within the language of the Health Care Compact are measures that will allow all participating states to have their health care tax dollars returned to them, with no strings attached!

Sign the petition below to let our Ohio state legislators know that you support the Health Care Compact.

Dear State Legislator:

I support the Health Care Compact as an alternative to Obamacare’s Medicaid Expansion. Please pass the Health Care Compact so that health care decision-making authority can be restored to Ohio residents!